This CBD-H Certification Badge for CBD retailers.

CBD-H Certified Membership Includes The Following:

  1. CBD-H Badge uniquely numbered in two formats in light and dark color scheme
  2. Marketing packet with over 100 images, info-graphics, and tag line graphics 
  3. Your website, product, shopping page links added to at least Ten CBD websites for your promotion
  4. Submit one promotional CBD Article with links back to your store on one of our partner CBD review websites
  5. Listed on the CBD-H database for consumers to verify
  6. CBD- H for Amazon Listings and 3rd party market place
  7. Support via email for CBD related questions, marketing, and promotions for selling your CBD products
  8. Review of website to help yo get compliant, disclaimers, FDA, and more

 *After signup you will receive an email with the info needed to get set up, including the Marketing Packet, Certified Badges, and Information for submitting your website’s links and articles.

Questions?   [email protected]


CBD-H Form Application

Becoming Certified CBD-H Is Easy. Complete the form and answer the list of questions about your CBD Products and your badge will be created and listed as certified.  Your company will be updated as Trusted and the all CBD related review sites and 3rd party websites will be notified and updated for maximum exposure.