How to Promote Your CBD Brand

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Listed are Certified and Non-Certified Brands 2019


What You Need

To Promote Your CBD Brand

Your CBD Store is up and running, so now what? This article will focus on methods to elevate your brand, suggestions to increase your sales, and rise above the competition when selling your CBD related products.

CBD is exploding, with Forbes projecting $16 Billion by 2025 potentially setting up the name brands, your name brands for future revenue. In order to separate yourself from the pack, your brand must be better, do things differently, and have an edge. The basics of social media and marketing are key to any brand, but how you implement them is even more important. Consider that that the your customers of today and tomorrow are not just teens, and young people, but middle aged and older folks too. Consider all those customers, young, old and everyone in between searching for your CBD products.

The CBD-H Certified PackageThese are your customers, future sales, and repeat buyers. Your CBD /Hemp brand needs a great recognizable life of its own. Part of being CBD-H certified includes making sure your customers trust your brand over the sea of others. Some of the recommendations described in this article may not surprise you but take each step seriously; your competitors already do.

The CBD-H Certified Package  includes more support than you think.  To be a CBD market player, you should review the following items to makes sure you are on the same level playing field as other brands, if not Hemp Certified can help.

1.  Marketing Your Brand

You could have the best CBD product in the world, but without marketing your brand correctly, you may lose out.  The CBD-H package includes over 100 marketing images with free upgrades periodically. Use these infographics, lifestyle images, and info text across all your social media marketing platforms. If you need assistance with adding your logo to the images, Hemp Certified can assist upon request. You will be able to use the included marketing images on Instagram, Facebook, and on your website. If you choose to sell on Amazon or eBay, be sure to include these images for promotion. Your brand is displaying lifestyle, and information combined, which is appealing to all CBD users, young and old. Be ready to download these files after registering.  Remember to add your logo and tag line to the images and make them your own. Hemp Certified can assist upon request. 

2. Certified Trust 

Consumers need to trust your CBD brand. Your marketing should include any certified related information.  The CBD-H Badge has been the standard leader in this field for consumers to recognize the quality of their CBD purchase.leading  CBD Hemp brand

The CBD-H Badge is used by the leading  CBD / Hemp brand sellers and is the industry standard.  Having this uniquely numbered badge on your product label, website, and marketing material solidifies the consumers trust in your CBD /Hemp Brand.  If you had a choice, would you choose the CBD-H Certified brand over another that did not?


3. Collecting Emails For Promotions

A great way to promote your CBD products is by collecting the email addresses of potential buyers. Typically how it’s done is with a signup pop box or free offer in return for their email address. What an excellent way for both the prospect to receive something worthwhile and the website to add a more extensive base to target products in return. Offering a coupon code for a discount, or offering a “Free Report” type newsletter has been a common strategy. Remember, offer something worthwhile, an informative report, or video will need to be of value for the prospect to give up their email.

promote your CBD products

When offering a promotion, remember to automate the process with an auto-responder. How this works is pretty easy, and you may include a link to a video, or PDF download directly back to the email collected. This method is the easiest using your email’s autoresponder configuration once the email has been received. In addition, you could offer the link directly on your website as a popup, although this strategy does not account for fake emails without confirming the validity of the email provided.

After the email has been collected, don’t forget to offer scheduled discounts, information, news, and other valuable information on an ongoing basis.  Holidays or Black Friday events should always be a starting point for promoting the emails collected. Continue, rinse, and repeat this, idea and sales will come. Email marketing is all about connecting. Every chance you have to receive a potential customer’s email, you should take it.





CBD Brands

Non-CBD-H Certified

CV Sciences
Gaia Botanicals
Medical Marijuana
Aurora Cannabis
CBD American Shaman
Canopy Growth Corporation
SOL CBDhttps://[email protected]
Green Garden Gold
Lola Hemp
Vape Bright
Hemp Bombs
Sagely Naturals
Joy Organics
Imbue Botanicals
CW Botanicals
Prime Sunshine
RE Botanicals
Bluebird Botanicals
Pure CBD Vapors
Farmacy Bliss
Entourage Hemp
NuLeaf Naturals
HealthSmart CBD
Canna Companion
Blue Moon Hemp
CBD Rx/Functional Remedies
CBD Global Extracts
Green Roads
BioCBD Plus
NanoCraft CBD
Buddha CBD Teas
Plus CBD Oil
Purity Petibles
Holland Hemp Company
Ambary Gardens
Lazarus Naturals
Ojai Energetics
Try The CBD
Browns Botanicals
Pure Science Lab
Fairwinds CBD
Smart Organics
CBD Unlimited
PH Secrets
Zakah Life
Folium Biosciences
Veritas Farms
CBD BioCare
Holy Grail CBD
HYGIA Nutrients
Palmetto Harmony
Restorative Botanicals
Dixie Botanicals
Elite Botanicals
Green Gorilla
Kat’s Naturals
CBD Living
Real Scientific Hemp Oil
Hemp Fusion
Happy Buddha
Mary’s Medicinals
Cannabidiol Life
Love CBD
VitaMia Hemp
The Medics Inc.
Pure Ratios
Prime My Body
Pure CBD Oil Ireland
Vitality Health CBD
Reds21 LLC
Budget Pharmacy
Reef CBD
TruCure CBD
Legend’s Creek CBD
Pro Pharma UK
leading  CBD Hemp brand

90% of Consumers Buy Certified CBD-H Over Non-Certified

What Other Are Saying

Our LifeLink CBD and hemp brand are higher quality than most and having a 3rd party certification like the CBD-H Badge does provide confidence for buyers. I have highly recommended if you have a CBD product and are new to the business

John C

Asset Manager, LifeLink CBD

Our brand at Mountain High Hemp was one of the first CBD products to get the CBD-H Certification and it really helped launch our products to new customers

Lisa Silverman

CEO, Mountain High Hemp

Every brand we create for our clients gets the CBD-H Badge. People want to know what they are buying and with competition amongst CBD products we gain the trust of our consumers.

Lori P

Sales Manager, CBD Ventures