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Becoming Certified CBD-H Is Easy

Displaying the CBD-H Badge on your labels, website, and marketing emails is one of the wisest choices you can make. Being 3rd party certified with the CBD-H Badge shows your customers your brand is a trusted company. The CBD-H Certification separates you from the pack and includes benefits to your brand only found here. We’ll let you know if any issues need to be fixed to get you back on track.

Being CBD-H Certified entitles you to the following benefits:

1.  You will be sent a uniquely numbered CBD-H Badge to display on your products, or anywhere else you choose. Your CBD-H Badge number will be imprinted on your badge an is unique to you, searchable and validates your brand as trusted. You will receive both a dark and light version of CBD-H Badge for your marketing, labels, and website.

CBD-H BadgeCBD-H Badge





2.  You will receive over 100 marketing images to display on social media, website, blogs.  These images include info on CBD infographics, people, tag lines, pets, and more. Just a few examples below of what’s included in your marketing pack:


CBD infographics CBD infographicsCBD infographicsCBD infographicsCBD infographicsCBD infographics


3.  Links to your website/shopping page are added to multiple CBD websites including:,,, and more! Being certified CBD-H allows us to promote good quality CBD products at no cost to you.  Companies that are CBD-H recognized have an advantage over other brands in the online marketplace as consumers search out trusted products and healthy trusted reviews.


4.  Article review promoting your brand or product for maximum exposure is also a benefit to being CBD-H certified. We will submit your article or do a review of your CBD products online for maximum exposure to your brand. We promote free of charge all CBD-H labels by letting the online community know what is good and what is not.

5. Listed on the CBD-H searchable database for compliance is a huge advantage. Consumers can verify which companies/ brands are certified as part of the CBD-H Network. Brands that are not CBD-H complaint are usually passed over by consumers as untrustworthy.   Whether you are offering CBD-Oils, edibles like Gummies, or pet treats or pet-friendly CBD, your brand and products are listed as CBD certified.  Those companies not in the CBD-H category are also listed as unverified.

6. CBD-H is standard approved by Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and many other marketplace communities worldwide.

7.  Support via email for CBD related questions, marketing, and promotions for selling your CBD products –  Have a go-to help line If you’re stuck, we can help guide you and keep you moving forward.

8.  Review of website to help correct any issues not in compliance.  Our goal is to help you gain the trust of your buyers, make more sales, and be compliant with any current and new regulations that can get you in trouble.


Certified CBD-H
CBD-H Badge

90% of Consumers Buy Certified CBD-H Over Non-Certified

What Other Are Saying

CBD Oil was getting harder to sell, but getting certified CBD-H and displaying the seal really helped bring in new customers. i want customers to trust my products, expanding my store to to include edibles next.

David Bauman


People ask me about different CBD products, and which brands are reputable. I only promote and offer Certified CBD-H products which my clients appreciate.

Lisa V.

Retail Distributor , ARC Distributors South West

With so many brands, it’s harder to compete without an edge, the CBD-H Badge and bonus material really helped out in promoting and sales.

John Luspee

Amazon Seller, UK Amazon