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Cheap / fake vs Real CBD

Listed are Certified and Non-Certified Brands 2019

Case Study

Cheap’n Fake VS Real CBD

This case study deals with the growing problem facing quality CBD brands and the cheap, often fake competitors.  True, good quality CBD can help many people overcome many ailments. Consumers are seeking out quality over price, and here is what you should focus on when promoting your CBD products…

Let’s start with the differences between QUALITY CBD and FAKE CBD.   Consumers know that Cannabidiol (CBD) has the potential to improve lives and there are tremendous business opportunities in the emerging cannabis market. Some sources believe CBD will soon be a billion-dollar industry.

With such enormous potential comes the danger for companies to incentives, cut corners, and offer fake products to consumers. An example of this already taking place is what is happening on Amazon.  Amazon does not currently allow CBD products, but if you search with the term “CBD” or “CBD OIL” you will find many hemp related products. Soon, we expect things to change, and YES you will be able to sell quality CBD on Amazon, but for now it’ just not the case.

CBD-H BadgeThe Problem:  These hemp products are worthless, not all but most. I hate to say it but, it’s true. If you try to offer your CBD product, lab certified and completely legal, made in the USA CBD OIL or Gummies, expect to be blocked, or worse banned.  If you sell cheap hemp from China, you may slide, or you may also get banned for fake product listings. It’s a lose-lose for consumers and verified American Made CBD /Hemp products. Ordinary folks who try to purchase CBD Oil or other products on Amazon should know the truth and unfortunately looks terrible for the reputable companies like YOU who are trying to do good by your quality product.

The Dangers:  Products are untested, unregulated, and labels falsified. The hemp plant absorbs anything and everything out of the soil, including heavy metals or pesticides. We encourage consumers to look for the CBD-H Badge, check brand websites for a Certificate of Analysis, or CoA and do their due diligence. Companies are here, gone tomorrow and trust is often lost with consumers.  Test results found on websites can sometimes be overrated, and in some circumstances falsified to cut corners. This is an extreme situation but may occur. We post companies are that are CBD-H certified by use, and those that are not letting consumers choose for themselves which CBD oil or product they should buy and trust.

Fake Products:  People are buying cannabis and hemp products at a record pace.  New counterfeiters have gained access to surplus labels and cartridges to create knock-offs that mimic products from reputable brands. We spoke with several labs across the country, and even the more established labs are adding new tests, getting new equipment, and busy with an influx of requests with new CBD companies popping up and offering different types of products. Fake or synthetic CBD oil sickened 52 people in Utah. Many of those people bought a brand called YOLO CBD oil.

hempA leading brand told us they have trouble keeping products stocked because of the limited amount of quality, safe hemp. This is a national brand with a developed supply chain that struggles to find enough good hemp. So imagine what the supply chain might look like—or how it may be supplemented—by an upstart brand that is trying to catch the cannabis wave.

Cheap Bargains:  There is a lot of money to be made on a product that promises amazing benefits with few side effects. If your competitors are selling products at prices you can’t compete with, they are most likely fake. Some consumers may fall for this tactic, but most are realizing that CBD is not all created equally. The public is now reading labels and comparing products.

Consumers are smarter than you think “If you see a product that stands out as being dramatically cheaper than every other brand, think twice.”

CBD-H Badge

The best opportunities are ahead:  CBD in coffee, jellybeans, chocolate, even pasta is just starting to make its way into the market.  If you aren’t already in this sector, consider the future growth about to come.  Having the CBD-H Badge of authenticity can make or break the sale.  Have you noticed that Non-GMO and Organic marketing is now the most sought after label by consumers. Price is important, but so is quality. Those companies who separate themselves from the rest as better, and worth the price will always stay ahead.

We don’t talk about the dangers of fake or mislabeled CBD to scare people away. We all have expectations and want what we paid for. The CBD space is not different, and having the CBD-H Badge brings an additional layer of confidence to your customers. Stay smart and protect your company from the fakes.  We have talked to enough people who feel their lives changed using hemp derivatives for a healthier life. Consumers find it worthwhile and spend an extra minute reviewing labels, reviews and studying a brand before making a purchase. You want customers to choose your brand because it’s better, and you want them to come back again and again because of trust in your product.


CBD Brands

Non-CBD-H Certified

Non-CBD-H Certified

CV Scienceshttps://cvsciences.com
Gaia Botanicalshttps://mitragaia.com
Medical Marijuanahttps://medicalmarijuana.ca
Aurora Cannabishttps://auroramj.com
CBD American Shamanhttps://cbdamericanshaman.com
Canopy Growth Corporationhttps://canopygrowth.com
SOL CBDhttps://[email protected]
Green Garden Goldhttps://greengardengold.com
Lola Hemphttps://lolahemp.com
Vape Brighthttps://vapebright.org
Hemp Bombshttps://hempbombs.com
Sagely Naturalshttps://sagelynaturals.com
Joy Organicshttps://joyorganics.com
Imbue Botanicalshttps://imbuebotanicals.com
CW Botanicalshttps://charlottesweb.com
Prime Sunshinehttps://primesunshine.com
RE Botanicalshttps://rebotanicals.com
Bluebird Botanicalshttps://bluebirdbotanicals.com
Pure CBD Vaporshttps://purecbdvapors.com
Farmacy Blisshttps://farmacybliss.com
Entourage Hemphttps://entouragehemp.com
NuLeaf Naturalshttps://nuleafnaturals.com
HealthSmart CBDhttps://healthsmartcbd.com
Canna Companionhttps://cannacompanionusa.com
Blue Moon Hemphttps://bluemoonhemp.com
CBD Rx/Functional Remedieshttps://functionalremedies.com
CBD Global Extractshttps://cbdglobalextracts.com
Green Roadshttps://greenroadsworld.com
BioCBD Plushttps://biocbdplus.com
NanoCraft CBDhttps://nanocraftcbd.com
Buddha CBD Teashttps://cbd.buddhateas.com
Plus CBD Oilhttps://pluscbdoil.com
Purity Petibleshttps://puritypetibles.com
Koi CBDhttps://koicbd.com
Holland Hemp Companyhttps://darinholland.wixsite.com
Ambary Gardenshttps://ambarygardens.com
Lazarus Naturalshttps://lazarusnaturals.com
Ojai Energeticshttps://ojaienergetics.com
Try The CBDhttps://trythecbd.com
Browns Botanicalshttps://Browns-Botanicals.com
Pure Science Labhttps://puresciencelab.com
Fairwinds CBDhttps://fairwindscannabis.com
Fab CBDhttps://fabcbd.com
Smart Organicshttps://smartorganicsinc.com
CBD Unlimitedhttps://cbdunlimited.com
PH Secretshttps://phsecrets.com
Zakah Lifehttps://zakahlife.com
Folium Bioscienceshttps://foliumbiosciences.com
Veritas Farmshttps://theveritasfarms.com
CBD BioCarehttps://cbdbiocare.com
Holy Grail CBDhttps://holygrailshop.com
HYGIA Nutrientshttps://hygianutrients.com
Palmetto Harmonyhttps://palmettoharmony.com
Restorative Botanicalshttps://restorativebotanicals.com
Dixie Botanicalshttps://dixiebotanicals.com
Elite Botanicalshttps://elitebotanicals.com
Green Gorillahttps://ilovegreengorilla.com
Kat’s Naturalshttps://katsnaturals.com
CBD Livinghttps://cbdliving.com
Real Scientific Hemp Oilhttps://realscientifichempoil.com
Hemp Fusionhttps://hempfusion.com
Happy Buddhahttps://happybuddhahemp.com
Mary’s Medicinalshttps://marysmedicinals.com
Cannabidiol Lifehttps://cbdoilsandedibles.com
Love CBDhttps://lovecbd.org
VitaMia Hemphttps://vitamiahemp.com
The Medics Inc.https://themedicsinc.com
Pure Ratioshttps://pureratios.com
Prime My Bodyhttps://secure.primemybody.com
Pure CBD Oil Irelandhttps://purecbdoil.ie
Vitality Health CBDhttps://vitalityhealthcbd.com
Reds21 LLChttps://redsqualitycbd.com
Budget Pharmacyhttps://budgetpharmacytexas.com/cbd
THC AND CBD ISOLATE TRADERhttps://thcandisolatetrader.com
Reef CBDhttps://reefcbd.com
TruCure CBDhttps://trucurecbd.com
Legend’s Creek CBDhttps://legendscreekcbd.com
Pro Pharma UKhttps://prophacbd.com

90% of Consumers Buy Certified CBD-H Over Non-Certified

What Other Are Saying

People ask me about different CBD products, and which brands are reputable. I only promote and offer Certified CBD-H products which my clients appreciate.
Lisa V.

Retail Distributor , ARC Distributors South West

CBD Oil was getting harder to sell, but getting certified CBD-H and displaying the seal really helped bring in new customers. i want customers to trust my products, expanding my store to to include edibles next.
David Bauman


With so many brands, it’s harder to compete on Amazon without an edge, the CBD-H Badge and bonus material really helped out in promoting and sales.
John Luspee

Amazon Seller, UK Amazon