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Add the CBD-H Badge to Your Label, Website, & Marketing to Increase Trust and Sales

CBD Hemp OIl

CBD/Hemp OIl

Fact: 90% of customers need to TRUST the CBD Oil company they buy from, repeat business depends on it, and so should you

CBD Hemp Creams

CBD/Hemp Creams

Fact: Buyers know CBD creams and lotions are not equal, and search reviews, comments, and Certifications before buying. 75% of consumers seek out certified trusted brands first. Show your clients how you stand above the rest

CBD Hemp Edibles

CBD/Hemp Edibles

Fact: Consumers have choices. Reading labels, and buying certified trusted edibles is the wave of the future. Organic, Certified brands sell 3x faster then non certified products. If you had a choice which would buy?

CBD Hemp Pet Care

CBD/Hemp Pet Care

Fact: CBD Pet products are booming as owners use verified, trusted CBD as an alternative to expensive vet bills. CBD-H certified shows pet owners you care about their pets, and that makes all the difference 

CBD Vape Pens Oils

CBD Vape Pens/Oils

Fact: Vaping is here to stay, but consumers are worried about safety with brands they can trust. With so many options on the market, stand above the rest with the CBD-H Seal of Approval

90% of Consumers Buy Certified CBD-H Over Non-Certified

90% of Consumers Buy Certified CBD-H Over Non-Certified

How We Help Grow Your CBD/Hemp Sales

How We Help Grow Your CBD/Hemp Sales

Let’s take your CBD business to the next level by letting the world know You Are CBD-H Certified. Being CBD-H Certified entitles you to your own uniquely numbered CBD-H Badge. Use your CBD-H Badge on your website, labels, marketing material, social media, Amazon and more. Each CBD-H Badge is uniquely numbered to validate the authenticity and is verifiable to anyone searching the database. We report companies that are CBD-H Certified and those who are not.  We help you get listed, and promote your CBD-H certified brand for consumers in the know.

Why get CBD-H certified? Not all CBD brands and products are created equal.  If you offer high-quality CBD products, your competitors may not. Competing with cheap, lower quality products only hurts the consumer and erodes trust in the companies offering high-quality products to those in need. It’s currently impossible for consumers to know what they are actually buying on Amazon, eBay, and 3rd rate sellers. You are most likely losing sales to cheap knock-off CBD products, even if you try to sell on these market places. Let your buyers know by displaying the CBD-H Certified Badge, and instill trust in your brand.


CBD-H Certified Allows You to take Advantage of the Following Benefits: 

  • Uniquely Numbered CBD-H Badge Icon Personalized to Your Brand.
  • Display Your CBD-H Badge Everywhere – Social Media, Marketing, Website, Labels and More.
  • Listed on the CBD-H Certified Database for the World to See.
  • Your CBD Website Links listed on 10+ CBD Review Websites for Promotion and Exposure.
  • Listed On the Hemp Certified Monthly Newsletter.
Case Study – Cheap vs Real CBD

Case Study – Cheap vs Real CBD

This case study deals with the growing problem facing quality CBD brands and the cheap, often fake competitors.  Some sources believe CBD will soon be a billion-dollar industry…

How to Promote Your CBD Brand Successfully

Your CBD Store is up and running, so now what?  This article will focus on methods to elevate your brand, suggestions to increase your sales, and rise above the competition when selling your CBD related products.